Living room picnics

Somehow this seems like such a good idea for friends who come over and you just want to talk and not move to the table. Particularly when there’s snappy conversation involved. Get all the food on the table or bring it little by little and make sure there’s a pitcher of margaritas and several bottles of wine. It was a miserable cold and cloudy day so I was able to open blinds and my balcony doors and it felt outside-ish. My grill is right there on the balcony and I get it raging hot and throw things on it one by one. So there was a parade of little things to eat.

I toasted bread for cheese. I grilled summer sausage (you gotta do this, it’s delicious and utterly simple) and I made grilled chicken breast skewers that I then just dipped in bbq sauce. (OK, the skewers burned away. I’ll have to work on that process.)

There was cajun shrimp salad, french onion dip, and lovely little individual 5-layer taco dip things. I didn’t really have the right things to make these as well as I should have but I’m adding them to my repertoire. They could be awesome. Refried beans, avocado, sour cream, salsa, cilantro, cheese and olives. These were just OK. (Though everyone ate them.) And for dessert key lime tarts.

And there was snappy conversation. There always is when Kate’s around.