4th of July pie

I have fond memories of this pie even though somehow I am unable to adequately reproduce it. My eldest grandniece was just old enough to be enthusiastically begging me for more the first time I made it and I cherish a sweet memory of her pleading with her mother for another piece with me gleefully telling my niece ‘yes, yes of course you can have more’ while her mother gave me the evil eye.

My punishment is that I have been unable to recreate it despite following the recipe exactly. The batter or filling or binder or whatever it is, just does not coalesce. It looked fine when it was baked and it tasted delicious but remained liquid-y when I sliced it. I solved that by putting a dollop of strawberry ice cream on each piece so no one really knew what the hell they were eating.

4th of July pie

Fresh off my nectarine pie triumph(s) I decided to repurpose the recipe. Well not the nectarine part, the batter part because what make the pie really good is that batter. This was raspberries, blueberries and strawberries, (I can be just as patriotic as hell when I want to). On the 4th of July my high school friends get together (Some are not exactly friends, more like people I tolerate in certain circumstances) and I was asked to bring tomato avocado salad (I did and more on that later) but I threw the pie in as an added bonus. I’m glad I did. It was delicious. 

I have to confess though I used a purchased pie crust. Bless me father…

The trick though is that batter, you can put anything in it and it will be delicious. Except anchovies, of course.