Sunflower seed bake

When I bought my first bags of bird seed I watched as the birds flung the seeds every which-a-ways in the yard and I thought to myself that of course these are not “real” seeds. They wouldn’t sell seeds that are going to sprout all over hell and back. Who would even buy that?! It turns out, though, that they do sell that and they actually do sprout all over hell and back. I have grasses, weeds, thistles, sunflowers, safflower and god knows what all growing in every corner of the yard now. I try to keep on top of it (and I let the sunflowers grow because while they aren’t really in my garden vibe, they’re pretty) by pulling them as I see them. To remeby this, on my second round of bird seed I bought the vastly more expensive “no waste” seeds which in fact do not sprout. But these freaking birds are going through seeds like winter’s coming and on my third go’round I wasn’t so willing to shell out for the no waste. And I needed to buy even more since I new have 2 feeders. This time though, I bought regular seeds and baked ’em. They won’t be a-sproutin’ now!

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