Sunday steak

Last night I decided to have a steak. It is not something I often make at home, generally speaking I only have it in restaurants. Which is not to say I that it is the only thing I have in restaurants but I think they are generally better when left to be made by someone who knows what they are doing.

So well, I stopped at Whole Foods where I can buy meat and not feel (too) bad about it. They have the meat graded in numbers and colors. A green 4 means it was raised in a loving home with responsible parents who used only green cleaning products. This steak was a Green 4. Perfect. It was a skirt steak. And if memory served (though it often does not) this was a flavorful piece of meat that Cook Illustrated gave two thumbs up.

I also bought a cage-free potato which I ironically (or not) planned to eat with bottled Ranch Dressing. I seared the steak in a pan and then finished it in the oven with the all-natural, cage-free potato. The steak did not smell good when I fried it. Not rotten. Just not good. And in fact, it was not good. Not at all good. I ate a few bites. Even my garbage disposal didn’t like it. The potato was good.

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