Sugar free dessert for Easter

We have vegans, vegetarians, picky eaters and diabetics. Every meal is fraught in my family. For me it’s a challenge. And one I enjoy, even if it causes me a lot of extra work. My uncle is diabetic and I try to accommodate him as much as possible. I see his disappointment when we are eating together (and this happens with some frequency since we eat together at Eastcastle where he and my mother both live) and dessert, always offered, is rarely anything good for diabetics.

So I got a sugarless cake mix. The problem here is the size. He’s never gonna eat the whole thing. So I got I measured it into quarters and baked it in a baking ring on silpat. It was the cutest thing. I sliced it in half and then frosted it with sugar free frosting.

The thing about sugar free anything is a lot about masking the weird taste. So I added extra salt, vanilla and almond extract. To the frosting I added cream, vanilla and almond extract. I wanted to put chopped walnuts on top and I used the freakish nut chopping contraption my mother gave me that I thought I’d never in a million years use.

It was a perfect little cake and it was delicious. Even if it hadn’t been, I’d made the effort.

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