Suckered by packaging

Nein danke. Although I have a tub of gochujang in my cupboard, I have no idea what it is supposed to taste like, it gets used in things and I’ve never tasted all by itself. I saw these chips and thought, “Oh sure, what the hey…” 

To me these tasted like kimchi. (Which I do not like despite my liking all things pickle.) I can’t even describe the taste aside from hot and foreign. But I kind of like the idea of serving these to some unsuspecting guests who would be too polite to shriek, “What the fuck am I eating?” before running to the sink to spit it all out and rinse with cold water. Unfortunately almost no one I know would just sit there chewing thoughtfully with their eyes wide open and watering, and trying to guess what the hellish taste and sensation in their mouth is. Maybe I need to make friends with some elderly nuns. 

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