Such a freaking hoopla

I’m not sure, as I rarely ever am, what I was hoping to accomplish here. I had the idea that I’d make a super-complex tasting pepper and chicken dish to serve over noodles. I dry marinated the chicken thighs in sweet paprika for 24 hours. I made a tomato sauce (from my own tomatoes) with Italian sausage which simmers for 10 hours or more. Then I caramelized peppers, onions and garlic. And added them to the sauce. After I lightly browned the chicken I nestled them into the sauce to bake in the oven skin side up so the skin would stay crisp. 

If this sounds abstruse, it was twice as involved as this sounds. I was pretty much at the stove for 3 solid days fussing and scuttering hither and tither (but in a masculine way) chopping, cutting, frying, stirring and wringing my hands (ditto on the masculine thing).

Meh. It was good. But nothing to write home about. Although apparently I can write a blog about it. Of course, as usual, I neglected to get a shot of the finished meal.

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