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My friend Dan loves the McDonald’s McRib. I haven’t had one in 25 years I don’t think. But I have to say that when I did, I believe I liked them. Somehow he found them, the “meat” part anyway (the internet is an amazing thing), bought a boat load and gave me a few of them. Cryogenically sealed. 

When I finally got up the nerve to eat them (someone referred to them as pink slime patties and that sorta put me off) and to be honest about it, I accidentally defrosted them. I grilled them and then simmered them in my homemade sauce. Ate them on soft buns with pickles. They were not bad. But then, you could eat newspaper simmered in that bbq sauce.

Still and all, this after the pork from heaven. I dunno.

BBQ recipe follows

Judy Anderson’s Barbecue Sauce

(used without permission)

This recipe is not cooked. But it’s best if it’s made a day or two in advance. It will last for a month in the refrigerator and this amount is more than you’d need for any one dinner and the amounts are all relative which is to say I never ever use a measuring device, I just slop it all in and Bob’s your uncle. Whatever that means.

Into a large container Put:

1 32 oz bottle of ketchup

Then fill the ketchup bottle half wayish with water (or some juice, anything works) and shake thoroughly and add water to bowl

1/4 cup or more brown sugar

3 – 4 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce (or however the hell you spell that)

3/4 cup BEST quality mild chile powder ( I ONLY use Spice House chile powder)

3 tablespoons yellow mustard

  —2 tsp allspice

  —1/2 tsp cinnamon

  —1/8 tsp cloves these are add ons. You don’t have to use them.

Mix it all up.

That’s the basic recipe. You can also add TBS/tsps of your favorite ingredients such as:

Although I never do.


Orange Juice Concentrate

Pineapple Juice


Soy sauce


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