Street tacos

I’m somewhat confused about that term. Street tacos. The things I buy that look like very small fatter-than-usual tortillas are labeled “Street tacos” on the package not “tortillas.” On the one hand I think taco refers to a tortilla filled with something. On the other, I could google that and find out but I’m too lazy. 

I made these “street tacos” which were actually not anything Mexican or “street” at all. Chicken thighs coated with some sort of BBQ sauce that was vaguely Chinese (I made this stuff up), grilled, chopped and eaten in those little thicker-than-normal tortilla things with several different sauces and grilled pineapple. 

Either they were really delicious or I didn’t make enough because nothing was left over. No rice either which was also good with pink peas and sazón seasoning. 

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