Storage bags

I bought a bag of something like Special K Cracker Chips or whatever. They weren’t half bad but then I will eat nearly anything. What I really liked was the bag inside the box. This will come in very handy.

Say what you want about plastic wrap (OK, I will say it. We use way too much of it.) it really doesn’t work as well as other things. (and is absolutely unnecessary quite often). Now, the bags inside of cereal boxes, those things keep air out, they have to. Plastic wrap only inhibits.

So I save all sorts of those things. Triscuit box bag liners, perfect for small things. And this bag from the oddly named cracker chips, is huge and really really gonna keep the air out. It’s aluminum coated or something. And it won’t just keep air out, it will keep liquid in, this is one serious bag. I could get a couple of pints of chili in there. I’m imagining, though, that it will never ever decompose. Which is a bummer and now that I know this bag is inside of the box I won’t be able to buy Special K Cracker Chips again. Not that I really want to, but still.

I didn’t like the name. Cracker chips indeed.

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