Sticky buns

I watched Sarah Moulton make these on TV and thought, how hard can that be? Oh, not really, I thought Jesus F-ing Cripes that looks hard, sign me up.

In fact, they weren’t that hard to make and though no one except me knew it, it isn’t classic sticky bun dough, it’s biscuit dough. Cream biscuit. That’s pretty easy to make. Cream and flour. Except when she says “Oh, you know, about a cup and quarter to a cup and a half…” I’m like “Well, which the hell is it??” She didn’t even measure the cream.

First you make the sticky part, butter brown sugar and nuts. You put that in the bottom of a 9 inch pan. Then you make dough, roll it out fill it with brown sugar, cinnamon, cherries and roll it into a log, then you cut it into 1 inch slices and nestle them in the sticky syrup. then you bake it. When it’s done you pour hot honey on it.

Then you line up for your insulin shot.

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