Stayed home for dinner

After days of rushing hither and tither, we decided to stay in and make dinner. It’s tempting to go out because there are so many places that look lovely and most likely are. But it is also frustrating, as someone who loves to cook, to be unable to buy all the fabulous produce, cheese and foodstuff you can see in the shops and cook it. 

We bought pasta. I know, we just went to cooking school in Italy (insert tooth sucking noise) and are fully capable of making it. That would have been nice but messy and basically I am lazy but really there is lovely pasta already made and available for purchase all over the damn place. I wanted gnocchi but they were out of the fresh homemade so we went with the linguini, or gemelli, or tortalettioniosi, or some damn thing. 

We got fresh borlotti beans, shelled and boiled them. Made a salad of excellent cherry tomatoes (I am not generally a fan) with balsamic syrup. The butcher had fresh sausage, some kind I am not familiar with which I saut├ęd, sliced and tossed with the pasta adding a little butter, sage and parmesan. It was awesome. Probably a lot of people would not have found making a meal in a foreign country in a foreign kitchen particularly relaxing but for me it was the perfect thing.

Butter comes in cute packages.

Please note the attractive sage garnish on the pasta platter.

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