St Patrick’s Day

Now officially called Reubenfest, it is an annual celebration/operation at Ray and LeeAnn’s. I’m not at all sure that my grandmother would have approved of the re-naming but I am all for it when the results are reubens like LeeAnn’s. These are hands-down the best reubens I have ever eaten. I’m have no idea what makes them as good as they are because from what I observe they aren’t much different, ingredient-wise, from any other reuben I’ve eaten. Maybe it’s that they are cut so you can gain purchase of the thing easily, that pointy end can get right straight into my mouth. Maybe it’s LeeAnn’s karma, whatever it is, it’s worth the extra belt hole.

My sister Pat brought me the St Patrick medal from St Patrick’s Cathedral in New York. I wore it with a bit of green ribbon. My grandmother would have approved of that.

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