Squirrels, rabbits, and now, asparagus worms

This is sort of a fun thing. OK, it’s not at all. There are asparagus worms. Who knew? The larva and the adult beetles (shown here have a sexcapade seconds before they died) both eat the plant. The plant I am not eating so it will grow healthy and strong. The plant that is now decimated. 

There is an easy fix, an organic bacillus that kills the worm and the beetle. The thing is, I didn’t have to go to that trouble for the asparagus I bought at the store just that morning. I didn’t have to have the anxiety or put out the effort or squish little worms and orgiastic beetles with my fingers to get this asparagus. You just buy it. 

And then one just has to question why one is doing the things one is doing and whether that straight jacket hanging in the closet might be more serviceable being worn rather than taking up space next to my wet suit.

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  1. it reminds me of my garden on Stowell …fun at first but after a couple years it became all flowers. Hey Sendiks was a stones throw away and soooo much earier

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