Springtime Dots

I am posting this with extreme reluctance since A#1: Thoughtful friends gave these to me and A#2: I am loathe to say anything unkind about Dots, my go-to.

These are called “Springtime Dots.” OK, sounds promising but even before I opened the box (3.5 seconds after I received them) I could see that the only “springtime” fruit was strawberry. I mean really??? Grapes come in the fall. Mangoes and pineapple, well, I don’t even know. Aren’t they a year ’round fruit? On the other hand, what are springtime fruits anyway? OK, Yes, strawberry. Rhubarb? (yes, I know it is not a fruit) m-m-m-m, rhubarb Dots. Not a soul gonna buy those, except me, of course, I’d give them a shot. Cherries are sorta early summer, I guess.

Like most other companies that produce consumable products they are trying to expand their reach. I get it but I don’t want to have to stand for 20 minutes in the Dots aisle (aside from being seen in the Dots aisle—how embarrassing!) trying to locate “Original flavor” like I have to do now with Triscuits. Have you looked at their brand extension lately??? Christ, sea salt Triscuits, fine pink Himalayan salt Triscuits, rosemary Triscuits, tomato-basil Triscuits, ranch Triscuits, Triscuit chips, triangle Triscuits, mini Triscuits, mini triangle Triscuits, dinosaur shaped Triscuits. It’s like they’ve lost their collective mind.

Maybe they should try expanding from seasons to countries. Tropical countries, foreign countries, authoritarian dictatorship countries. Think about it . . . Russian Dots. OK, so, not gonna buy these but not gonna buy springtime ones either.

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  1. On the Triscuit subject, it drives me crazy that the grocery aisles are full of Triscuit Modifications Whatever, but the Original Triscuits, which are the only ones I want, are gone. Can’t their marketing software figure out that the only Triscuits version that anyone wants are the Originals, so buy more of those for gosh sakes!!!! Sorry, I know nothing about Dots and their various flavours.

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