I love spinach. I used to eat it out of cans I like it so much. I guess I’ve lost the taste for canned spinach, preferring instead cooked fresh spinach. The problem with that, though, is that usually it’s dirty, like filthy dirty, and washing it is a mess and a pain, even after rinsing it three or four times you’re still getting the grit out of it. And then there is the secondary issue of the stems. If I buy a pound of adult spinach (as opposed to the stuff called baby spinach) I am compelled to sort through it and cut off all the tough adult stems (after the elaborate washing process) which to me make the experience of eating it less pleasurable.

In the meantime I have succumbed to the charms of the triple washed, plastic bagged, baby spinach. There’s the issue of the plastic bag, but I haven’t drained half of lake Michigan to get it clean. Of course, someone somewhere has. But there are always issues with every damn thing I put in my mouth.

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