Soup dumplings

My sister and I went out to lunch with my nephew Evan in LA. He suggested some place near his workplace in downtown Los Angeles, Din Tai Fung, which is a new Taiwanese restaurant. (you can see it here). The peculiar way you order made it very different from what I know of Chinese food but the food itself was also way out of my realm of experience. In particular the “soup dumplings” something I could not imagine, were not only not something I’ve ever heard of or imagined, they were right straight out of this world. Dumplings with soup inside. I actually said, “Oh my god,” with my mouth full. All the food was different and exotic and delicious. The pot stickers in spicy sauce, the last thing we were served, were just plain amazing. 

I was eating with chopsticks so I was prevented from eating too fast or I’d have just shoveled that shit into my mouth faster than you can say 有些话,我不知道. If you could say that at all.

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  1. Oh-Em-Gee! It looks even more amazing in these photos. I'm reliving the experience. Just sayin' – it's in Century City not DTLA. (Insert tooth-sucking noise here).

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