Sometimes my memory issues work in my favor

It’s that time of the year when there are tomatoes, and by tomatoes, I mean TOMATOES. So usually I am making sauce with the plethora of them and it’s pretty easy. (Having said that, my own tomato harvest was pretty dismal, this small crop was from my sister.) Even though I didn’t have billions of them I threw them all in a pot with thyme, bay leaves, oregano and basil and went outside to attend to them many hundreds of things that need attending to.

At some point later in the day I had the sudden realization that the tomatoes were still on the stove. I calmly put down my spade and strode deliberately. . . not really, I yelped “OH CHRIST!” out loud and ran frantically (but in a masculine way) to the kitchen. They were fine. The sauce had magically thickened and darkened, caramelized I’d say. After a pass through the ol’ Foley food mill I bottled it up. Since a lot of the water had evaporated there is barely a pint but OMG is it so good.

Seems like a lot of rigmarole for such a small amount of sauce but really the work was only in the food milling other than that I was elsewhere totally forgetting I was making sauce.

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