Some stuff about Mexico City

Somehow I feel like we missed decent food at nearly every turn. We did have some great pizza but the Mexican food we ate was, aside from a taco, just not all that good. We had a couple of dismal molés.

This lugubrious and overly sweet turkey molé was served at a very nice restaurant in the San Angel area across the street from the Diego Rivera home which we did not get to go in but saw from the outside. Next time.

Delicious taco, la gringa, so called because it is on a (white) flour tortilla.

The archeological museum. My second visit. It’s just stunning. Really well thought out and easy to navigate. It would be even better if we’d been able to speak Spanish.

There is just nothing in the world as good as the first salty sip of a margarita in Mexico. He had a series of not-exactly-right negronis. I was unsympathetic. We are in Mexico fer chrissake.

Our hotel at night. We were in the apartment over the door. It was freezing but serviceable. Or at least we tolerated it. It was in a good location anyway.

I just love stuff like this. It’s all over the place here.

Mexico City is the cleanest place I’ve ever been in. I think we saw only 3 pieces of litter. People are sweeping the streets relentlessly. Even leaf litter gets swept up.

Everywhere I looked I thought . . . when I have my restaurant it’s gonna look like . . . oh right, I already did that.

My mother would get this first one, and everyone else and their brother the second, even my friend Jean watched the damn game (in her green and gold footie pajamas).

People in the know, (we were treated to some excellent tours by museum curators and arts managers) dislike this museum, the Soumaya. I loved it. They have their reasons and yes, it is not as organized as one might like but it’s pretty fabulous.

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