Solving pressing tomatillo problems

Every tomatillo thing I was making was too soupy. And I was making a lot of tomatillo things. Thankfully their production has slowed. Maybe where Pati Jinich, one of my go-to recipe providers, lives (and all the other goof balls who write blogs and fuck around with tomatillos) have tomatillos that are dryer, It’s certainly been wetter than the aft deck of the Titanic around here so maybe my tomatillos are super saturated. And who knows. There are all different sorts of tomatillos (Purple ones—hello next year) but in my research I didn’t see anyone suggest draining them. You just gotta!!

So I decided to use my mom’s old cucumber-let-em-drain technique. I salted chopped tomatillos and let them sit overnight. I got more than a cup of moisture out of them. I tasted the juice and it pretty much just tasted salty with a fruity side (God, just like me!).

After this I went on to make tomatillo chutney. That shit is fine. I jarred about a half gallon of the stuff. But now I’m going to have to open a jar to try it. I find that that’s the problem with canning. I don’t want to open anything. Everything is so pretty. Not to mention a testament to my insanity, I mean, dogged tenacity. And who wants to destroy testaments? Even for the sake of eating them.

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