Sobelman’s bloodies and burgers

For years I have been hearing about Sobelman’s, a “working class” bar in the valley, famous for their hamburgers and bloody marys. And now having visited it I find myself wondering WTF. We arrived at 11:05. It opens at 11. The place was packed, I mean flush. We took the last table crammed into the bar area and the feeling was not unlike the subway at rush hour. There was no room for a server to maneuver carrying piles of food and outlandish drinks. The place was hopping and happening and it sure seemed like a fun enough crowd and so, alright then, bring it on.

They have a separate menu for their exotic bloody marys (I have no idea how to pluralize this) and while I love a bloody mary I am not so fond of this kind of gimmickry. One of them features a whole deep fried chicken as an garnish. I am so sure. I asked for the least decorated one. 

A. It comes in a plastic cup. I have no idea why unless they are looking to fill up the local garbage dumps. And based on the amount of people there, they will be doing a great job of it. My bloody mary had a jenga-like construction of food that was nearly impossible to deconstruct due to the 30 or 40 plastic picks holding it all together. 

B. There was not one thing special about the bloody mary itself aside from the laughable garnish. I didn’t finish it. Though I should admit I am not a fan of horseradish in the bloody mary. Even if I love horseradish in general and would be happy to eat it out of the jar if it didn’t make the top of my head sweat blood, it has no place in a BM. As it were. This was as ho-hum a bloody mary-with-horseradish-in-it as I’ve ever not finished. Whatever.

C. The hamburger was absolutely nothing. I mean NOTHING. It was a waste of calories. It wasn’t terrible. It was just plain unremarkable. I ate it of course. I’ll eat anything.

When we left there were probably 25 people waiting to get in. And it was like 8 degrees. Go figure.

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