So skyr

I’m still making my own yogurt (in case you’d thought I’d abandoned that project) but instead of using yogurt as my starter. I’m using skyr which is Icelandic yogurt. And is way more delicious than regular plain ol’ yogurt. 

One of the reasons I am making my own yogurt is to cut down on single use plastic (Aside from the miraculous ability of yogurt to keep me regular, not to put too much of a point on it). I used to buy yogurt in large quantities but I still ended up with a plastic tub and even though I reuse them it’s still, you know, plastic. This skyr which I bought only to use as the starter, came in an individual container but it seemed to be a cardboard container so I was OK with that but then that cardboard turned out to be just an outer wrap with an annoying please recycle message on it with a plastic tub inside and a foil peel away top (so, no top which would make it reusable). It was so much rapichage. I was seriously annoyed.

And that damn little paper recycle message is unrecyclable. Or in any event, I imagine that tiny bits of paper like that are probably pretty much ignored. 

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