So now I’m confused

Now that I know that my oven temperature is not right I have to adjust the temperature and, apparently, the time. Picture one at the left is the bread in the oven frantically rising. (The two pans on the bottom rack in the picture are lava rock which gets doused with boiling water to create steam, don’t ask me why this is, I am simply following orders, although not Julia’s) Anyway, I made the oven way hotter to something close to what Julia prefers. And the bread rose in a flash.

It also browned way faster than usual (and unevenly, I must say, for a billion dollar KitchenAid [just sayin’] oven) but in the end the bread was even closer to French bread than any other loaves I’ve managed to accomplish in the past even if it was only in the oven for 15 minutes instead of the usual 25. So I dunno, this is maddening. 

The problem here is that I’ve made it with the wrong temperature many times and the timing was fine now with the right temperature the timing is waaaay off. Where is Julia when I need her?

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