So many jars

I keep jars. You just never know when you’re going to can tomatoes, make a morning protein powder shake or take soup to a sick neighbor. I keep any jar that’s wide mouthed, simply shaped and has an easily removable label. In the process of preparing to move I had to take stock of my jar collection. This glittering ensemble took up 2 shelves of my cabinets and there was no longer space for any more. Not even one. Seriously. There was nothing else to be done about it. I needed to cull the herd. Plus, it was ridiculous to just move scores of jars to the new house without seeing that they had lids, or, conversely if all the lids had jars. So I spent a Saturday morning on, for jars. Any jar that did not have a corresponding lid got the heave ho. And there were many of them. And there were many lids left over. So I had a lotta jars with no lids and a lot of lids with no jars. I do not know how that happens. 

I parted with many much-loved jars. I remembered each and every one of them tenderly. Not really but it was torturous tossing them. A part of me died. Who knows when you’re going to need one. Or 50. But a jar without a lid is like pizza without cheese. Useless.

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