So Copenhagen

After 13+ years, the Royal Indian Mounted Police and I decided to get married. We had attempted this in Oslo 6 years ago but the official paperwork got gombolixed up and we missed a deadline, yeah, so bummer. And would have done so before now but COVID and other annoyances intervened. Denmark is more or less the Las Vegas of the EU in that they have fewer hoops, I mean requirements, to jump though. To get married in Germany where he currently lives, I’d have had to been a resident for 180 days and attend marriage counseling. (which isn’t such a bad idea) But well, Copenhagen is an hour away.

Many people were concerned that we would be lonely or something would be missing but we had each other and that was enough. I can say it would have been better with loved ones around but it was a lovely day, if somewhat cold (hence the scarves). The city hall was really charming, the fully pregnant registrar was adorable. And it was just fine. And it turns out that not having other people there made us focus on each other. We had beers with our lunch in a lovely Danish restaurant and we danced to Joan Armatrading in our hotel room.

The one exception is that the photographer did not take our picture when we kissed and it wasn’t because he didn’t have time.

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  1. Felicitations! May you two enjoy each other every day with great happiness for many many years to come. Love, Jean

  2. Such a lovely story. Stirring and touching. I am over the moon happy for both of you and can’t wait until we can celebrate, sometime, sometime, somewhere, somewhere.

  3. Good thing you two waited so long so Ashish would know what kind of family he was getting himself into! But seriously, we’re SO happy for you both. Much, much love,
    -Helen, Dave & Elise

  4. Michael, you are one lucky guy. Ashish is dreamy. I am happy for you both and can’t wait to celebrate. . Hugs. Marsha

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