Smoked fish

Last weekend was a completely action packed adventure to the Driftless Area of Wisconsin. It is rare that I jam so much in one day (2 nights, one full day). It started the night before with a Friday night trip to Spring Green to stay overnight for an early (10am) tour of the Taliesin, the birthplace, home and school of Frank Lloyd Wright. Immediately following was a Tennessee Williams play in the afternoon at American Players Theater and then following that a half hour trip west to the Lightyear farm for a farmyard dinner. 

The tour of Taliesin was amazing. The play at American Players theater was also amazing. And the dinner and setting was remarkable. But the thing that stands out in my mind is that I ate smoked fish. I mean, that is truly amazing. Of course it was trout not salmon (if it had been salmon this would all be bold and in all caps) but still. The menu was set and there were no options. You got what you got.

It wasn’t bad. I had to tell myself I would not die from eating it. I ate it. Although not all of it. 

What’s next? Anchovies?

Smoked fish

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