Smoke and mirrors

Cheese, chutney and puff pastry. This thing is desperately delicious, spectacularly impressive and easy as hell. I don’t think it took 3 minutes to assemble and everyone will be filled with admiration for your culinary skills which, here, are none. I don’t even know if it has a name. My sister Ann made it years ago at Christmas and it was a hit. She used a wheel of brie but MetroMarket didn’t have any—go figure—so I used some triple cream something or other. Any soft cheese will work. 

I happened to have some awesome cranberry chutney I made for Thanksgiving but you can use practically anything, any sort of chutney, apricot jam, canned peas, OK, not really, but anything sweet or preferably sweet and sour. On the other hand if you like canned peas that much, go for it. And consider seeing someone to have your head examined. I mean, who likes canned peas?

I sliced the cheese wedge in half so I’d end up with a nice enough rectangle, put the one half down on a piece of puff pastry dough, topped that with chutney, added the other half of cheese, more chutney and then wrapped it like a present. The other stuff there is the excess dough that I cut it into triangles and put parmesan and mozzarella on top.

You simply bake it until it’s browned and then let it set up before digging into it. I neglected to take a picture of it once it was cut. It was luscious.

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