Short ribs shortly

Honestly I had no clue what I was doing and like many things I was able to make this into 3-ring circus coupled with anxiety producing over-analysizing and a fair amount of second guessing. Of course I watched 30 to 90 YouTube videos of how to do this and while the basic idea is the same every one of them offered distressing and dire warnings about various issues and methods that others of them completely espouse. The thing is, it’s a very forgiving piece of meat. You just need to give it time and everything will be fine. He said breathing deeply three times.

To start with my gas grill stopped working last night. I just freaking love dealing with mechanical problems. I had guests here (socially distant ones) and since I had witnesses I couldn’t do what I wanted to do which was to heave the goddam thing out into the street, or failing that, resort to my usual collapsing and sobbing. 

I walked away and fried the hamburgers on the stove. Also hate that mess and smell but it worked out fine I suppose. 

I am making these short ribs for dinner tomorrow and as far as I can tell, 12 to 19 of the YTs tell me to make them in advance while the other 18 to 71 of them issued dire warnings about this method. I took a chance. I hauled out the old Weber grill and smoked ’em. While that was happening I made an Asian-of-sorts marinade with hoisin, ketchup, garlic, peppers, onions and ginger. You know, I dunno. Whatever. Then I slow roasted them in the oven at 250 for 5 hours because it was too damn annoying to keep checking the temperature and the smoke level. Not to mention the smoke itself. 

After I strain the cooking sauce I’m going to degrease it and let the meat sit overnight in it for extra special deliciousness. I’m thinking of abandoning this blog for my own YouTube channel.

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