Short rib burgers

Short ribs, alleged to be one of the more delicious members of the beef family continuum are exceptionally fatty. I’d like to try them but I have a hard time finding what look like good short ribs usually they look like striped fat on a bone. Somehow on cooking shows they always looks divine. 

So I was wandering around at Kettle Ranch (not really, you cannot wander around, it is the size of my walk-in closet which only counts as a walk in closet because you can walk into it—you have to back out) and saw they had ground short ribs and I thought OK, alrighty then problem solved. Hamburgs for dinner. I bought ’em. 

Yeah, short ribs are fatty, as I understood but perhaps not fully. What I wasn’t really counting on was what this might look like on an open flame. I put them on the grill and, yes, fat, fire. What the hell was I thinking?! I walked back outside after about 2 minutes on the grill and the entire grill was engulfed in flames. It’s 3 fucking burgers! I did one of those super-hysterically funny, eye-popped-out cartoony jumps in the air, arms and legs flailing (actually, it’s more funny when you see other people do it than when it actually happens to you). After a brief shriek (in a masculine way) I ran back into the house for the spatula.

I saved the burgers, they were char-broiled, as it were. They were fine. But I don’t know what all the hoopla is about. 

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