Shit happens

You know how when you have a new cooktop and you’re cooking beans for soup and the water boils out and the beans burn to the bottom of the pan and then you have to start all over again? No? Well I do. It’s not so different from when you leave the room to get something and when you get to the room you were heading to you cannot remember what you were going for. Only this time you forget about the beans in the other room and suddenly you’re wondering what the hell smells like that.

Anyway, I started over and made the best goddam soup I’ve ever eaten. Seriously.

I did not leave the room once in the 2 day process however.

4 Replies to “Shit happens”

  1. Ah. the question I dread. No. No recipe. I just wing it. Beans (dried and gently cooked for about 3 hours, reserve the liquid). Remove about a cup of the beans. Onions, celery, carrots, Better-than-bouillon chicken bouillon, sage and garlic all cooked in the bean liquid. Blend the beans with some water and add back to the soup. I did seriously take 2 days. When I make it again I will pay attention to the amounts.

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