Satsumas vs tangerines

I bought a tiny satsuma tree 2 years ago, tree might be an overstatement. It’s more like a stick with leaves and this summer it got about 15 satsuma fruits growing on it. I really didn’t know the difference between tangerines and satsumas. They look like tangerines and when one of them looked ripe enough I picked it and I ate it. It was very soft, and ridiculously juicy but it was sorta sour, not inedible, it was good but more sour than a clementine tangerine. I thought maybe it just wasn’t ripe enough but a little googlizing got me this info:

“Satsumas are softer in texture, easier to peel as they have a looser skin and have a lighter citrus flavour, whereas clementines are firmer, relatively easy to peel and have a sweeter flavour than satsumas.”

They’re good enough and I grew them myself, well, they really just grew themselves. I did nothing but water them. The squirrels didn’t get them anyway.

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