Safe fingers

My friend Annette sent me Dorie Greenspan’s recipe for “Custardy Apple Squares” because, she said, it seemed to be something I’d like. I’m not sure about that but it did seem like something my niece who was coming for a visit might like and I do love Dorie Greenspan.

The recipe called for slicing apples thinly and enrobing (as it were) them in batter. I’m not sure what attracted me to it because right away I knew I’d have to use my mandolin which I hadn’t used since I nearly sliced my hand off at Easter. Fortunately my friend Wendy, who had been traumatized by the photograph of my bloody stump, gave me a Kevlar glove to wear to prevent just those kinds of mishaps.

I made it through the process without a hitch. But the “Custardy Apple Squares, ” I dunno. It was (they were?) OK. My niece seemed to like it but she may have been just being polite. I’ll make one for Wendy if she comes next summer.

If you wanted to try it, it’s certainly simple enough if you don’t mind risking your life with a mandolin, you can find the recipe here.

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