Roasted chicken for Lord Grantham

I had planned to make something Englishy for the last episode of Downton Abbey. My friend Ann suggested Jamie Oliver’s steak and guiness pie but that took like 47 hours and then my mind drifted to shepherd’s pie but I don’t particularly like that and I doubt Mrs Patmore would serve that to the assembled Grantham-Crawleys. So I settled on roasted chicken. I had leftover herbs and happened to catch a recent episode of Cook’s Complicated, er Illustrated and this version seemed pretty intriguing. And easy.

Chopped up brussels sprouts, shallots, potatoes and carrots in the center. Breast meat on top in the middle (I cut them in half) of a sheet pan and thighs and legs on the outside. Baste the skin with herb butter.

About 40 minutes at 450 degrees. I even checked them with a meat thermometer because it didn’t seem like the chicken could possibly be done, the vegetables clearly were. And so was the chicken. And it was luscious. Even Lord Gratham would have approved.

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