Road trip, the finale

So you make it out of Nebraska and you’re no longer concerned about drug dogs and the state patrol. You’re driving along just listening to your book and suddenly you’re in Minnesota. MINNESOTA???!!! What the fuck.

There is an explanation. I mean, it explains how I managed to use the wrong directions but it was in no way satisfying to realize that yes, I went the wrong way and now, no, there’s no way to make this any better. I inadvertently added 3+ hours to the trip by not paying attention to the directions the google gave me.

        Omaha = > Wisconsin (Lacrosse, 6+ hours)

        Lacrosse = > Milwaukee (3 hours)

        Omaha = > Milwaukee (7 hours)

Finally crossed the Big Muddy into Wisconsin but it was no consolation, we were in Lacrosse. We had left at 8 in the morning. I arrived home at 7:30. At least I’m not in the slammer.

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