Restaurant dining

I’ve come to realize that generally speaking I don’t like to eat in restaurants. There is the ever present “I can make this better at home, and for a lot less money” and there’s always “can’t get a reservation or one at a time earlier than 9:30.” And the always popular “seated near overactive children” (My own grand nieces and nephews excepted). Not to mention “nothing on this menu interests me.” And, of course, the familiar “can you turn down/up the heat? The fan is blowing on my neck.” As well as the adjacent “can you turn down (never up) the music so I can hear myself think?” And if I sound like a grouchy old man, it’s because I am one.

But Husoor and I went to a restaurant called Otto’s in Madison and I had a glorious pasta dish of roasted red peppers, mushrooms, artichokes and black olives in creamy feta sauce. It was outstanding. Never mind that I can make it at home for less than its $25—or was it $32?—price tag.

Turns out I can’t. I tried. It was goodish but not outstanding. The feta (I buy the expensive stuff from the deli in the Greek store) turned seriously grainy. But if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. And I will, stay tuned.

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