Somehow and for no real reason I’ve been on a burger jag. Even though I’d been disappointed by recent trips to Elsa’s I felt compelled to choose it when I was asked, by the Chocolatesommelier, out for a birthday dinner. I mean, I couldn’t just abandon it after all these years together.

Most of the drinking hours of my youth were spent there guzzling wine and packing my face with their superb nachos, delicious chicken wings and the burger of my dreams, the au poivre. I couldn’t just give up on it because of one bad bun, some skimping on sauce, and the loss of my favorite waffle fries. I mean, in the end, good enough fries are good enough.

The meal did not disappoint. The nachos were fantastic, the burger was plenty sloppy with sauce (and I could get it in my mouth) and the fries were good (enough).

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  1. It’s funny, the bun was so saturated with the sauce I didn’t notice it until afterward. So, I dunno. It was good, maybe they got the old ones back in. Maybe it was a fluke.

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