Quintessential German food

When friends visit Berlin (or family for that matter, although none have. Note to self: See estate lawyer soon for will revisions) among other things we like to give them as great a dining experience as we can muster. Our favorite places, Italian, Chinese, Turkish, French, plus at least one or two great German meals. Joseph Roth Diele, if that can happen, and Marjelchen, for sure.

The Chocolate Sommelier (see her website here) and her dog were here visiting recently and for her last meal we took her to Marjelchen.

While the food is great and atmosphere is charming, the service at Marjelchen (Mariel-chen) can be really dismal. Despite the fact that the waiters seem to know us, our last two outings have had some serious service low points. But not the food. OMG their sauerbraten rivals my own. Not crazy about these potato dumplings but, you know, I can deal with it. It’s not like I’m eating anchovies. Karen had the schnitzel (I am not such a fan)—I think she liked it and Husoor had, I dunno, something with spätzle. I wasn’t paying attention to anything I only had eyes for the sauerbraten. The cabbage was nice too.

I really have no idea what this was. Something with spätzle.

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