Puff pastry is a lot like me and vice versa

Simple, delightful, and looks far more complicated than it is. I had some leftover puff pastry in the freezer and someone coming over for drinks and appetizers. Bing, bang, boom. You can put anything on it. Cheese is nice. I used swiss, parmesan and mascarpone (let’s say this together…mahs-car-po-nay. . . not mars-k’pone, yeesh). Those big awful dry winter tomatoes work perfectly well here. I threw on some olives but asparagus, capers, pepperoncini, it’s all good…salami, onions, anchovies. Well, not anchovies. I mean, you can, but I ain’t touching the damn thing.

In the end I had some small pieces of pastry left over and made them into cheese puffs. The whole deal, from beginning to end, 10 minutes worth of work and has the impact of the fountains at Versailles-ish. Another resemblance to me.

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