Produce report: Radishes

As if anyone cares about radishes. This is one crop that I do not have to fight the wild life for. I like radishes but a basket of radishes does not have the same cachet as, say, a basket of ripe peaches. You cannot say, as you would with zucchini, “Oh, I have a lot of radishes would you care for a bag of them?”  They are the kind of thing that 4 or 5 will be as many as anyone would take, if only to be polite.

These were called French Breakfast radishes. I do not know if the French actually eat radishes for breakfast. I certainly have never seen this. It seems unlikely but on the other hand with the French who can say.

These radishes are supposed to be eaten when they are small and the first batch I had were perfect but these were too big and on the edge of woody. I’ve got another crop in and will put carrots in place of radishes. I am already picturing the battle with the damn rabbits. But I have some new tricks up my sleeve…more on that soon.

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