Preserved lemons

As unlikey as it seems. My best crop—lemons, is in. They’re small I’ll grant you that. But they are seriously fragrant and juicy. These are Meyer lemons from a tree I’ve had for 30 years. They grow in the sun all summer but mature in the greenhouse in the winter. To me they smell wonderful but not really like lemons, they smell more like martinis. For this reason I am not using them for sweet things anymore. The lemon curd I made from them last year was palatable at best.

So this year: Preserved lemons. I dunno. Sounds exotic. I’ve used them once in my life so there will be a learning curve. Two jars of these seems like a small amount and maybe not worth the effort but it’s more than I got from the damn peach tree which required a hell of a lot more effort and torture.

More on this once they’re fully preserved.

I wonder if I can add them to gazpacho. I have Majorie Taylor Greene’s recipe.

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  1. I’ll be interested in how these turn out. I tried to preserve lemons about 20 years ago. Not successful. They had a vaguely ammonia taste so I threw them all out but they did look pretty in the jar. So there was that.

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