Preserved lemon chicken

I’d like to say that this was a North African dinner but it seems safer to say it was a dinner (for my friend Carol) that had some North African resemblances. Preserved lemons, jeweled rice and tzatziki (this is Greek but they eat it in North Africa, I just can’t find what the hell they call it) and preserved-lemon stuffed grilled boneless chicken thighs. A Moroccan might eat it and understand it, but it’s just fictionally North African. Delicious though. The salad, tomatoes, artichokes, nectarines and cilantro was a mutt. 

It was too cold to eat outside so I set up a table next to the windows. Just like they do in North Africa.

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  1. Did you make the preserved lemons? I see that it's the ingredient of the moment…and am going to make a batch.

  2. No, I bought them and they cost a gabillion dollars. I had never had them before and they were amazing. I'll have to consider making them.

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