Pork sugo…Bon Appetit

If you like a lot of rigmarole, and I do, this recipe for pork sugo in the most recent Bon Appetit is for you. Roasting, sautéing, braising, straining, shredding, blending….it took an entire day. Not of constant attendance at the stove (and/or oven) but, you know, just being there. The tomatoes roasted with garlic and olive oil until they browned. Then shallots, more garlic, I added a pimento pepper and then red wine, chicken stock and milk. I added half the amount of liquid they called for, and it was still too soupy. It called for braising it with the lid on but lately on ATK they’ve been doing this with the lid off which concentrates the flavor and brown the meat. So I did that. 

The two pounds of pork, which was too fatty, ended up being not really enough. There was a lot of liquid but not much meat. I had some for dinner, then I refrigerated it all, took the hardened fat off the sauce, removed and chopped the meat, and then blended everything else until I had a smooth sauce and made individual lasagnas. They were awesome.

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