Pork from heaven

My friends Pam and Marty raised 3 pigs on their little farm. These pigs lived in the most joyful surroundings I’ve ever seen a pig enjoy (and I grew up next to a pretty happy pig farm). Pam and Marty’s had free rein in a huge enclosure that was wooded and sheltered, running hither and tither. Happy pigs are delicious pigs.

I bought 3 pork shoulders (as much as my freezer can handle) and some pork lard and some ribs. I made this pork shoulder on the grill, I turned my back for 32 seconds and the thing was engulfed in flames. The whole grill was a ball of flames and I burnt the hair off my arm getting the flaming roast out of there before it was a cinder. I put it in an aluminum foil pan and finished it on low heat for 5 hours.

It was exquisite. I took the leftovers and simmered them until they fell apart and then put them into quesadillas. OMG.

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