Pork for a party

My birthday rolled around and I had a party. Having just watched an episode of Cooked in which Michael Pollan describes the joys of eating a farm raised pig, I decided to go all out and buy some from my local butcher Bavette although I knew it was going to be pretty costly. But A.) I wanted good pork. B.) Organic. C.) Farm raised happy pigs. As Michael Pollan says, the pig that has a great life with just one bad day. I can be OK with that.

So I got 20 pounds of boneless, trimmed pork shoulder. I marinated it for 24 hours as Cook’s Complicated, er, Illustrated, suggests you do for pork pernil, a Puerto Rican specialty dish that features onions, garlic, cumin, oregano and chopped cilantro. Only I wasn’t making pork pernil. I was making something, oh, let’s say, Mexicanish.

After the meat marinated for 24 hours, I charred it on the grill and then slow roasted uncovered at 200 degrees for I don’t really know how long. The meat gave up it’s liquid that then evaporated in the pan leaving a caramelized delicious thick pan sauce. While the meat cooled I de-fatted the juice and then made a gravy that I poured over the meat which I had sliced when it was cold. And then I slow roasted it again at 200 degrees for another, I am not sure how long, maybe 2 hours.

It was fabulous. I don’t know if it was the pork or the method but I didn’t taste any garlic, onions, oregano, and certainly not cilantro. It was delicious but it was roast pork delicious not pork pernil delicious. Served with tortillas and some sides…I’ll get to that.

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