Plant based

Saturday Husoor got to enjoy some me-free time in his apartment for a few hours—when I told him I was going to go out to run errands he looked at his watch and then stood by the door tapping his foot until I departed—then off I went to The Berlin Mall.

The Mall of Berlin boasts the “best food court in Berlin.” Which, well, I’m not sure that’s such a great thing to boast about but OK, it was huge, anyway, and utterly packed, an inner circle of fast food places then an outer ring of more restaurant-y fast foody-y things like KFC and Dunkin’ Donuts with the tables in between the two circles. Approximately 60% of all of these were Indian curry joints with another 30% being kebab and doner places. (what’s a doner? look here) With the other 10% being weird crap.

All of the curry and doner places had massive lines so I went to one of the line-free, weird places, Vedang Plant Burger. Seemed about right, I thought. A vegan place. I got the “Chick” wrap.

They were trying to make it all be meaty sounding, chick-without-saying-chicken sorta thing. I’d had a bad experience with some fake meat burger once so I went with the fake chicken wrap. It was not at all bad. But you put enough vegan special sauce on anything and it’s gonna be edible. I’ll eat a bun with mustard on it. Whatever was inside was deep fried and crunchy—lettuce, cucumber, tomato and Bob’s your uncle.

Unfortunately the myriad crying children, including one poor guy walking his screaming tantruming child back and forth 3 inches behind my head drove me out of there before I finished.

I didn’t get a chance to try their vegan ice cream. It looked good but I’ve been fooled by appearances on more than one occasion, and not just with food.

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