Pizza, breakfast of champions

The night before my birthday I ordered pizza for delivery. There are really only 2 places near me that have pizza that I like. Well, I like all pizza, but Zafirro’s and Palermo Villa are the best pizza in town as far as I’m concerned. They are utterly different and utterly wonderful. On the plus side for Zafirro’s is their fabulous salad. And for Palermo Villa, their deep fried eggplant. Anyway, neither deliver which is bummer and I have almost never ordered pizza for delivery so when I decided I would eat pizza while I watched Game of Thrones, and then Mad Men, I didn’t know where to turn.

On some old advice of Mr James Dines I went with Pizza Shuttle. Bad name, good pizza. the crust was like fry bread. Soft, vaguely crispy. Loads of cheese and delivered hot, cheese and pepperoni, my go to pizza. Too much to eat in one sitting, leftover pizza for breakfast, nothing is better.

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