Piña emcoladas

Food group was going to meet and I’d signed on for dessert duty. The theme was Mexican, Enrique Olivera, specifically, but that got changed to just Mexican in general which worked for me since I did not want to buy his cookbook and most of his recipes are not to be found online and the only dessert recipe from him that I could find required burning corn husks and using the ashes. For dessert. I did read that he made pineapple empanadas, although there was no recipe, I can make them without one, obviously not one of his empanadas which I am sure was deeply weird.

At the last minute the dinner was cancelled and I was stuck with the pineapple since I’d planned to make the pineapple turnovers, or more Mexicali, empanadas, with piña colada ice cream. I had the dough and the pineapple so I just made the damn things. That pineapple filling was sooooo good. Brown sugar, vanilla, spiced rum, butter. I covered some of them with coconut. I could not have them in the house. I’d have eaten them all and in a very short time span, say 20 minutes. I took them to my niece and nephew’s house. They weren’t home, I just left them on the counter. They can deal with them.

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