Pie fail

Stupidity, false confidence, lack of appropriate information (OK, I was too lazy to look for the right recipe…how hard could this be?) It should have been exquisite. Peaches, caramel, cream cheese and puff pastry. What’s to not like? I could just taste it. Peaches and cream in pastry. Dripping with golden delicious goodness, crunchy flakey pie crust.

This was a mash up of a recipe I watched Kevin Belton make with apples and a Super Bowl peach pie request. Personally, Super Bowl food ought to be more Velveeta-and-bacon-buffalo-fried-potato-slabs-with-tabasco-sauce-jalape├▒o-popper topping. Eaten with Scoops┬« than peach pie but OK fine, Walter likes peach pie and I’m fine with making anything, even anchovies, if I don’t have to eat them.

I used purchased puff pastry which was wrong right from the get go. But that wasn’t really the problem. The caramel-cream cheese made the peaches sort of dun-colored sludgy. And once the pie was baked the peaches made a huge mess of liquid. And as soon as they let off their liquid the pie was no longer all that sweet and the bottom crust just became saturated with juice. The whole thing was just lacking and sloppy. No one ate it. I took the leftovers to work where they will pretty much eat anything and instead they avoided the kitchen until after I’d dumped it all into the trash and cleaned the pie plate.

I feel like I ought to try this again. On the other hand, nah.

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