Pickling, of course

I love pickles. In my refrigerator at any given time there are 5 to 10 different kinds of pickles. I was currently working on a humongous jar of pepperoncini that someone left at my cottage. I don’t like big stuff in my refrigerator, there’s just never enough room so I was working my way through it with some alacrity. I used one of the pimentos for pasta sauce but I had no idea what to do with the others.

When I was in college one of my roommates’ mothers took a jar of pickle juice and put sliced up onions into. At least I think they were onions, it may have been carrots, or both, but they were delicious and it was a good life skill to learn, one I’ve used all my life. So when I was confronted with the dregs of the pepperoncini and the pimentos on the counter at the same time. I had a thought.

In the meantime I still have the half sharp cherry peppers to deal with. And the gigantic jar in the refrigerator.

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