Pesto-ish chicken

It’s not really pesto. It’s more pesto-like, there are no nuts or cheese, although come to think of it, cheese might be good in here. Lots of herbs (primarily sage, but also rosemary, basil and thyme), garlic and onion ground up in a processor and then allowed to flavor chicken over night (I used the plastic bag they put the thighs when you buy them so I’m not dirtying another dish). These were chicken thighs that I deboned, tied in tight little packages after they marinated, and then grilled. It’s an elaborate process and far easier to make if you don’t debone. But eating them without the bones is much pleasanter. It’s a toss up. Please yourself or please your guests.

This time I went with pleasing the guests. I know it’s good because I get loads of requests for to make it and after the last time (bone in) I’m thinking the bone adds flavor.

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